SPID digital identity


Digital Identity SPID

It is a certified and secure digital identity, a single account to use many different online services for Unife students.

Since the 1st of July, the SPID (“Sistema Pubblico d’Identità Digitale”) is required to enrol in an admission test of a course/post graduate program and to enrol to a course/post graduate program.

Since the 1st of October, the SPID will be required to:

How to ask for SPID

Through an easy and fast procedure, you can create your SPID credentials. You will only need your cellphone number, an email address, an identity document, and your Tessera sanitaria (health card).

Choose the provider you prefer and register.

Categories of people exempted from the use of SPID

  • Minors
  • People with foreign citizenship who live abroad and do not have a tax identification number and ID released in Italy.

A video about SPID for Unife

Ask for SPID