If you have done the final exam from June 2023 on and if you did not get your diploma during the discussion of your final dissertation, it will be sent to the residential address (“indirizzo di residenza”) that you indicated in your private area on the website studiare.unife.it  


  • your final dissertation was within May 2023
  • you live outside of Italy
  • you have been contacted by the UMS office because the first delivery has not been successful

you can:

  • choose to collect the diploma at the office for free by booking an appointment following the directions that you can find on this website. To delegate someone else to collect the diploma, please fill out this form. The delegated person must have their ID with themselves to collect the diploma at the office
  • activate the delivery procedure with charges at your expense (€15 for Italian destinations, €30 for destinations outside of Italy).


To activate the delivery procedure, fill out the form Modulo di richiesta di spedizione della pergamena. by logging in with your UNIFE username and password. After the application is processed, you will find the shipping fee in the payment section of your private area (area riservata) that must be paid through PagoPA. The diploma will be sent in order of arrival of the documents and payment.