Educational Methods

Some postgraduate programs/courses of the Unife Master School are designed and carried out with different methods compared to the traditional one and do not require live participation to attend classes or activities in laboratories.

Blended: live lessons are integrated by other kinds of educational activities that can support the learning (streaming and recording of the lessons) and integrate it (access to platforms that include online material, online classes). Mid-term exams, if required, and the final test must be taken in person.

E-learning: there are no compulsory live activities other than mid-term exams (if required) and the final test. Every educational activity is provided through an online platform and virtual lessons in a synchronous or asynchronous way, depending on the structure and the goals of the postgraduate program/course. There can be optional activities to be carried out in person, such as seminars and workshops.

To check the educational methods, visit the websites of the postgraduate program/course of your interest.