Submitting the application for the awarding of a qualification


Since the 1st of October, to log in to your private area you will need your Digital Identity (SPID): if you have not done it yet, ask for it now! (non-EU citizens will not have to activate SPID).

At the University of Ferrara, the procedure regarding the final exam of a course/postgraduate program is online. You will not have to bring any documents to the office or deliver the final dissertation.

From your personal area, select “Conseguimento titolo” (“awarding of a qualification”). If you are enrolled in a first or second level postgraduate program, the system requires you to fill out the AlmaLaurea survey. After the completion of the survey, you will be able to subscribe to the session of the final exam.

All the deadlines are communicated by the tutors of your course/postgraduate program.

The application for the awarding of qualification regarding one specific session is not valid for the following sessions. If you submitted your application but you did not do the final exam in that session, you will have to submit a new application online: contact SOS – Post-Laurea to be enabled to do it.