Exemption and tax relief

Partial or total exemption for disability

Every year, the University of Ferrara, based on budget availability, allocates a sum intended to cover, in the business plan of the course/postgraduate program, the taxes of those who applied for exemption.

Both total or partial exemption can be granted until exhaustion of the allocated sum and must be required by the deadline for the enrollment in the course/postgraduate program, under the conditions explained in the website “Certificazione richiesta alle studentesse e studenti con disabilità” (Certification required for students with disabilities).

Total exemption (disability equal or greater than 66% or handicap certification)

The students with a certification of disability equal or greater than 66% and/or with a handicap are exempt from payment, except for non-refundable taxes.

Partial Exemption (disability from 46% to 65%)

For students with a certification of disability between 46% and 65%, there is a 25% reduction of the amount to be paid.

Normative references:

Decree-Law 68/2021, art. 9, paragraphs 2 and 7


Teacher’s Card

Carta docente

To enrol in a course/postgraduate program using the voucher, you must:

  1. Fill out the formthat authorizes Unife to validate the voucher;
  2. Enrol in a course/postgraduate program;
  3. To pay the remaining amount, wait for the email with the confirmation of the new tax configuration without the sum of the voucher.

After the activation of the course/postgraduate program, the voucher will be validated by the University of Ferrara, with a subsequent reduction of the amount in your teacher’s electronic wallet.


Reductions and tax relief available for courses/postgraduate programs

Procedures for granting economic benefits