Certificates and self-certifications

Certificate or self-certification? How it works

In accordance with article 15 of Law no. 183/2011Public Administrations (PA) and private subjects who are managers of public services CANNOT REQUIRE or ACCEPT from private subjects the certificates produced by the offices of the PA. In such circumstances, the user must self-certificate the possession of the needed requirements.
As a consequence, if you need to provide a PA or a private subject who is the manager of public services with a certificate regarding your enrolment and University career, you will have to use a self-certification.

In accordance with article 30-bis of the Decree-Law no. 76/2020, converted with the Law 120 of 11/09/2020, also the private subjects (such as banks, insurers, notaries, lawyers, service agencies, etc.) are obliged to accept a self-certification or an alternative declaration of the possession of the needed requirements. The declarant will have to present a written consent and a copy of their valid identity document.

Only for foreign countries and for immigration procedures (renewal of the residence permit) it is necessary to present a certificate with stamp duty, issued by the University.

Self-certifications for the PA, private subjects who are managers of public services, and private subjects in general

If you need to download a self-certification regarding the career at Unife to present it to other PAs, private subjects who are managers of public services, or private subjects in general, you can use the self-certifications prepared by the University, downloadable from your private area.

Since the 1st of October, to sign up to your private area you will need your Digital Identity (SPID): if you have not done it yet, ask for it now! (non-EU citizens will not have to activate SPID).


Certificates for foreign countries and immigration procedures

The certificates with stamp duties to be used abroad or for the renewal/issue of the residence permit are issued by the Ufficio Unife Master School. To ask for them, you must login with your username and password at edu.unife.it and fill out the following form:

Modulo di richiesta certificati con bollo (form to request a certificate with stamp duty).

You will find the tax related to the stamp duty in your private area, in the payment section.